Calgary Office Space Rental, Coworking Space and Short Term Office Rental

Affordable Furnished Offices

Spacious Window Offices

Executive Furniture

Dedicated Desks

24/7 Access

Unlimited Wi-Fi

No Contract

No Membership Fees

Month to Month Lease

We offer flexible, downtown Calgary private office suites for rent.

We provide executive furnished offices with unlimited internet access.

We provide individual work stations.

Private Offices Private Offices
Dedicated Desks/Co-working Workspace Dedicated Desks/Co-working Workspace
Seminar & Training Rooms Seminar & Training Rooms
Boardroom Boardroom
Event Hall Event Hall
Unlimited Internet Unlimited Internet
24/7 Access 24/7 Access

top quality

Quality and care in our craft is what has made us the company we are today. Rest easy knowing you’ll always get the highest-quality products and services from us.

expertise you can trust

With years in the industry and hours upon hours of coursework and on-the-job training, each of our employees is ready to show up and tackle the toughest of jobs.

satisfaction guaranteed

Customer service isn’t just friendly greetings; it’s also a commitment to doing right by the client no matter what. We won’t rest until you’re completely satisfied with the end result—that’s our guarantee to you!

dedication to our craft and customers

We love what we do, and we care about the people we do it for. Finding an industry we’re passionate about is an amazing reward for our time—and we think you’ll be able to tell from the results we deliver.

Located in Calgary serving Calgary and surrounding areas

Affordable Prices

Affordability is our priority. At Work Buddiz, we think everyone should be able to enjoy our services without having to worry about breaking the bank. We maintain a lean business model so that we can minimize our overhead and reduce our expenses. We then pass those savings directly onto our clients, keeping our prices to a minimum. We know how to stretch a dollar, and we want to make sure you get the most out of yours.

Feel free to compare our prices to those of our competitors. We’re confident that, once you have, you’ll see just how far your money can take you when you choose us.

No-Obligation Consultation

For us, the sooner we prove our worth, the better. That’s why we offer a no-obligation consultation service: so that we can demonstrate the value of our services for ourselves. It’s a chance for our clients to learn about us, discover the quality of our work, and experience our services first-hand. It’s a chance for you to get to know us—all without having to worry about having to get locked into a hard-and-fast contract. We don’t feel the need to pressure our clients into anything. After all, we’re confident in our services. After your consultation, you’re free to walk away. Risk-free.

We’re ready to give you the advice and guidance you need in your own personal consultation. Take advantage today.


Create the Ideal Workspace

Smart, seamless designs are the cornerstone of an ideal workspace. At Work Buddiz, we’re proud to say that we help you achieve precisely that. We develop comprehensive solutions that let you boost staff morale, improve productivity, and create a warm and welcoming workplace environment. Along the way, we find ways to tailor our services according to your needs, wants, and preferences. Ultimately, we’ll do our best so that you can do what you do best.

Your ideal workspace? With our help, it’s just a call away. See for yourself.

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Focused on Safety

Safety is of the utmost concern to us at Work Buddiz. We take every precaution to safeguard your well-being and ensure that all our work proceeds safely. Thanks to our meticulous planning-and-preparation process, we’re able to detect potential risks, foresee hazards, and mitigate each of them before continuing with our work. We develop comprehensive risk-management strategies which enable us to secure the safety of all relevant parties. With us, you can rest easy: You’re in safe hands. We take our responsibilities seriously. We will protect your interests and make sure that all work goes according to plan. No exceptions.