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    Virtual Office:
    From$450 / Month
    office space rental Calgary Meeting Rooms:
    From $35 per Person / Month
    Dedicated Desk:
    From $40 / Month
    Separate office:
    From $80 per Person / Month
    Work space:
    From $250 per Person / Month

    Work Buddiz – Calgary Coworking Space

    Work Buddiz is your source for outstanding office space rentals. We are centrally located in Calgary, and our beautiful, modern office spaces are equipped with a full range of features and options to suit your business.

    We have the space and resources your enterprise needs, available to you at great rates. Enjoy our flexible rental options operating on a yearly or monthly basis.

    From desks rentals to complete furnished offices, we have everything you need! Call today at (403) 475-0750 to learn how our business can serve yours.